Terms of Services

By using Tremor Games, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You must discontinue using Tremor Games if you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions mentioned below. The terms and conditions can be modified or changed at any time by Tremor Games.

  • We at Tremor Games takes all measures necessary for the proper functioning of the website. But we will not assume any responsibility for the consequences arising out of the ability to use or not use the features available in the website.

  • Users should be atleast 13 years of age to have an account at Tremor Games. Any account may be terminated and giveaways won or items bought can be cancelled if it is found that users do not meet the age requirement.

  • Use of multiple accounts (same IP address and/or same PC) and/or use of proxies is prohibited and will result in a ban of all accounts. We allow only one account per PC. Sharing of PCs is prohibited. Users trying to fraud offers will result in an permanent account ban. Accessing the site from IPs of multiple countries is not allowed. You are required to provide true and accurate information during registration and keep your account details up to date. Tremor Games at its sole discretion can terminate any account if users do not provide accurate information. A user will be responsible for creating, and maintaining the confidentiality of his/her username and password. Tremor Games is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise from compromised or stolen accounts.

    Once an account is banned for violating our TOS, all new accounts made by the same user may be banned at the discretion of Tremor Games.
    We do not entertain request for deleting user accounts.

  • A potential winner of a Giveaway may be asked to provide proof by Tremor Games that the potential winner is the Account holder associated with the winning entry. Users may be asked to provide identification such as Birth Certificate, Driving License, Passport, Phone Number etc for proof of age, gender, address or any other detail required in processing a user's giveaway, Items redeemed from Tremor Rewards or any other request. Users are responsible for paying any federal, state, provincial, VAT or local taxes and any other fees or costs associated with winning a Giveaway or redeeming an Item from Tremor Rewards.

    Winners of Giveaways should reply within a week of winning the giveaways or a new winner will be selected and sometimes the giveaway may be cancelled.
    Winners of Giveaways should have positive coins balance and should not be banned. If a winner has negative coin balance or is banned/suspended a new winner will be selected.

  • Tremor Games is not responsible for installation of games or any error that arises due to your PC may not meeting the game requirements of an item bought from Tremor Rewards. Refund of Tremor Coins will not be provided for such cases.

  • Impersonation, posting false or misleading information on Tremor Games or attempt to modify any part of the website or deface it will lead to suitable legal action.

  • Spamming comments, private messages to users or spamming the forums will lead to account bans.

  • You will not do anything that impedes the normal functioning of the website.

  • Users accounts with offensive usernames will be deleted from the site.

  • Users are governed by the terms and conditions of the respective websites linking to and from Tremor Games. Tremor Games is not responsible for the content or performance of any Website linked to. Please report errors or inappropriate content found on Websites linked from Tremor Games.

  • Tremor Games may close any account or remove any user content posted by the user, in its sole discretion and at any time, with or without any reason bieng given.

  • Tremor Games is not liable for any user content posted on the site or any content that a user may find offensive, distasteful or unacceptable. Do not post any comments or messages that are likely to be deemed as inflammatory, abusive, racist or not in keeping with the decent standards expected from a user of Tremor Games. Users indulging in posting spam messages will blocked from using the website.

  • Any attempt to use Tremor Games for promotion or sale of other services will lead to suspension or termination of your account. Users found to be indulging in behavior that causes harm to other users will have their accounts terminated.

  • You are responsible and liable for all activity conducted from your account. Any violation of the terms and conditions may result in the termination of your account with or without notice.

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