Tremor Bots
The following are the official bots of Tremor Games which will give you Steam games and items through trade-in on Steam or accept items and give you Tremor Coins in exchange. Read the description of each bot. Each bot specialises in only 1 task. To trade with the bots, add them as friend and invite to trade. The bots automatically accept all friend requests immediately. If for any reason you are unable to add the bot as friend, try to block and unblock the bot in Steam and add as friend again.
Click here to view the Pricelist of how much coins you will receive for trading in your items.
Add the bots directly from the links below. Do not search for the bot names in Steam as you may end up adding a wrong account in Steam and potentially get scammed.
Bot NamePurposeProfile LinkSteam Client Link
TremorGiftsPick up your approved Steam Gifts from TremorGifts
TremorTF2KeysMetalsPick up your approved TF2 Keys and Metals from TremorTF2KeysMetals TremorTF2KeysMetals
TremorTF2Pick up your approved TF2 Items (Non Weapons) from TremorTF2 TremorTF2
TremorTF2StrangeGenuinePick up your approved TF2 Strange and Genuine Quality Items from TremorTF2Strange TremorTF2Strange
TremorTF2WeaponsPick up your approved Unique Quality TF2 Weapons from TremorTF2Weapons TremorTF2Weapons
TremorTradingCardsPick up your approved Steam Trading Cards from TremorTradingCards TremorTradingCards
TremorEmoticonsPick up your approved Emoticons from TremorEmoticons TremorEmoticons
TremorCSGoKeysPick up your approved CS:GO Keys from TremorCSGoKeys TremorCSGoKeys
TremorCSGOBattleWornedPick up your approved CS:GO (Battle Worned quality) skins from TremorCSGOBattleWorned TremorCSGOBattleWorned
TremorCSGOWellWornedPick up your approved CS:GO (Well Worned quality) skins from TremorCSGOWellWorned TremorCSGOWellWorned
TremorCSGOFieldTestedPick up your approved CS:GO (Field Tested) skins from TremorCSGOFieldTested TremorCSGOFieldTested
TremorCSGOMinimalWearPick up your approved CS:GO (Minimal Wear) skins from TremorCSGOMinimalWear TremorCSGOMinimalWear
TremorCSGOFactoryNewPick up your approved CS:GO (Factory New) skins from TremorCSGOFactoryNew TremorCSGOFactoryNew
TremorCSGoPick up all other your approved CS:GO items from TremorCSGo TremorCSGo
TremorDota2Pick up your approved Dota 2 items from TremorDota2 TremorDota2
TremorXCardsTrade in your Steam Trading Cards and Emoticons in exchange for Tremor Coins.
List of trading cards and emoticons that the bot accepts. TremorXCards
TremorXTF2Trade in your TF2 Items in exchange for Tremor Coins.
List of items that the bot accepts.
Send Trade Offer
TremorXCSGOTrade in your CS:GO Items in exchange for Tremor Coins.
List of items that the bot accepts. TremorXCSGO
TremorXDota2Trade in your Dota 2 Items in exchange for Tremor Coins.
List of items that the bot accepts. TremorXDota2
Server Time : November 15, 2018, 8:16 pm