Cave Explorer
Cave Explorer
Explore this huge 16bit cave and find all the treasures and secrets while upgrading your digger!
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Top Comments

Tombat 8 Tiler 10 Nov 2012    
    ( 100 )
I think that i found bug in game. I appeared once i reached first "Need more O2" message. After that, if i sell all rocks(either one by one, or with sell all option), i can't gather more of those. Rocks are removed from map and shows + rock(s) message, but they are not added on my storage(they are added on tons of rocks mined counter on stats thought). If i sell em one by one and leave atleast one to storage, collecting em seems still work. After saving and reloading game, rocks can collected again, but selling all of em, renews bug. Anyone else noticed this? It's avoidable by leaving one rock on storage, but it's still annoying

BuzzWhipple 10 TilerKohinoor 11 Nov 2012    
    ( 85 )
there are def bugs in this game...
Now, instead of addressing this particular game and its issues, I'd like to say something directly to Tremor:

Please stop giving us buggy games.
I understand that "it happens" but when you offer something as an "Achievement" game, it shouldn't be broken.
It's aggravating to the player, off-putting, and makes you look bad.
You have to vet your games much more closely and thoroughly than you have been.
This is not an isolated incident and has been the rule lately as opposed to the exception.

I'm very obviously a fan of your site and I enjoy playing the games you host. i appreciate the work of the game designers and all the effort that goes into providing us with something to pass the time.
That being said, if you are going to settle for substandard games, or allow buggy games to be featured on your site, you are going to receive a negative response from your members and others.
There are many other game sites out there. I choose this one because I like it, but I don't like broken games.
If that's what we are going to be given, and that is acceptable to you, then you will see "us" going elsewhere.
I don't want to go elsewhere, as I've played on many sites and have some affinity for yours, but if i keep finding these games to be below par, as it were, then i will.
Please vet your games.
Thank you.

PL4YER1 5 TilerKohinoorMetalizedSave Some Gold 19 Aug 2015    
    ( 63 )
thumbs up pls

tremorgames 4 10 Nov 2012    
    ( 53 )
You will have to Save your game to record and get your achievements and game stats.

Vingador77 4 TilerKohinoorMetalizedSave Some Gold 24 Aug 2015    
    ( 42 )
good game
Recent Comments
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TH3K1R4 8 Tiler 10 Aug 2017    
    ( 1 )
Many bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boki10 7 11 Jul 2017    
    ( 0 )
i have adobe flash player but it wont let me play this game

RoboGG 6 28 Mar 2017    
    ( 0 )
this game is relly fun to play wen you dont now wat to do

Mr_Bugs_Bunny 7 08 Mar 2017    
    ( 5 )
o progresso das conquistas nao sobem :/

DLK13 1 26 Jan 2017    
    ( 2 )
why wont it let me build stuff

HUNZERO 7 23 Dec 2016    
    ( 1 )
Please add me I need friends, I will accept in 24 hours or less.

remaille 2 15 Dec 2016    
    ( 0 )
The music is pretty cool but the game....

Wesdley 5 08 Dec 2016    
    ( 2 )
Nice Game, it's simple, but at the same time so complex.
*The Action Button is E

Nosla 6 01 Nov 2016    
    ( 1 )
whats the action button?

pooya87 6 TilerKohinoorMetalizedEmerald QueenSave Some Gold 26 Oct 2016    
    ( 0 )
you can always add me if you need friend achievement.

will confirm in 24 hours


Anfin 10 Tiler 11 Oct 2016    
    ( -1 )
Such a good idea... so badly done :(

ToniRIs 6 13 Sep 2016    
    ( 2 )
thumbs up please for achievement

Romchikus 4 TilerKohinoorMetalizedSave Some Gold 12 Aug 2016    
    ( 1 )
Nice and easy game.

PhysicPrairie 4 06 Jul 2016    
    ( -2 )
music feels like it came from megaman :/

santoks 4 10 Jun 2016    
    ( 2 )
this game is broken...sometimes u cannot dig...and it doesnt count how many tiles u dig!

nieja 9 Tiler 31 May 2016    
    ( 2 )
When i dig rock, its doesnt count :(

huygens 6 09 May 2016    
    ( 1 )
Easy, but bored game.

frikster 4 06 May 2016    
    ( 0 )
4 minutes into digging i got bugged. As soon as i found " the one way teleported " i was unable to gather rocks, metals, anything and achievement progress ( digging ) stopped... good job .

Jedi21 4 TilerKohinoorMetalized 17 Apr 2016    
    ( 2 )

avoid going beyond 100ft dept, without the oxygen upgrade.

once u have the warning message und click on sell all, from there on you will only be able to gather one kind of ressource.

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