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Path of Honor Chapter 1
Path of Honor Chapter 1
Prepare for a new game that will make you play for hours and hours… in this new ARPG game you will have to fight a lot of monsters…complete quests..and help the people… the battles are in real time and you can buy weapons from a HUGE arsenal… from bows to automatic guns, shotguns, plasma weapons…etc
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You are Playing: Path of Honor Chapter 1       Developer : matakukos
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Top Comments

matakukos 1 (Developer) 06 Nov 2012    
    ( 37 )
Ok buddies, bugs fixed =) I hope that you enjoy the game!

BuzzWhipple 10 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 04 Nov 2012    
    ( 27 )
achievements or not, i quit this one. i'm not going to waste my time playing a buggy game.

Tremor, you know we like your site and I, obviously, go for achievements, but i'm drawing a line here.
Yes, the achievement games keep us coming back, and thats good for your bottom line, but if you are going to give us inferior quality games, we will go elsewhere.
Please, don't give us this quality. We expect more from you.

wxenomorph 9 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 03 Nov 2012    
    ( 21 )
Jus t beat the game. Only 23 quests done. 1 i missed totally, i have no clue where it can be. 1 needs special shop (as i sold the item found before), but it does not works, you cannot buy there. The last is...dunno: i cannot find the sultan's son in the catacombs. I can see a guy in the wall (!!!) at the end of the catacombs but i cannot reach him. Last reset stairs not works.
Pls fix these things!

Dyzzle 6 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 02 Nov 2012    
    ( 15 )
Like the other comments have said, You can't buy items from the special shops, and the Ending stairs are bugged and don't work. These problems were fixed in later versions of the game, so why on Earth would the buggy version get released here? O.o

s0me_111 6 21 Jul 2013    
    ( 13 )
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TH3D4RKW0LFG4M3R 7 30 Aug 2015    
    ( 0 )
Its a good game,maybe if the developer complete the game He could send it in Steam,and the sound is nice :D

Zive5 6 25 Aug 2015    
    ( 0 )
too much time to waste.Not worth for 45coins.To hard arhievvments!

travelingbum 3 22 Aug 2015    
    ( 0 )
what... we aren't allowed to hold down the mouse button? and this accuracy stat seems to do nothing or what does it even do.

haven't gained any damage for dumping points into it.

edinei 4 15 Aug 2015    
    ( 3 )
Muito bom Jogo!

youdes 7 06 Aug 2015    
    ( 3 )
i do not know how i play this game . it not a game it a hell

andremeskita 3 02 Jul 2015    
    ( 3 )
nice game

savak 8 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 20 Jun 2015    
    ( 3 )
Nice game

lumite 3 20 Jun 2015    
    ( 3 )

_leomir_hai_ 6 11 Jun 2015    
    ( 2 )
muito show

Tremordogg 2 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 15 May 2015    
    ( 3 )
24 quests completed - sultan's son is stuck in the walls, okay. Allow opening 50 chests. Overall, not a bad game.

naovgts 5 14 May 2015    
    ( 4 )
I have a problem qith the quest that I have to talk to jacob and join the clan. I don't know were he is.

exitgame1 7 Probe Quests 06 May 2015    
    ( 4 )
Nice game.Like comment,need achievement :) xDDDD plz))

alefjover 3 15 Apr 2015    
    ( 5 )
please like this comment off nine motive :)

Rarel 7 31 Mar 2015    
    ( 4 )
Please give me some thumbs up for the trophy if you don't mind.
I'll be giving thumbs up to a lot of the other comments too :)

Soldatstg44 6 03 Mar 2015    
    ( 4 )
good game ;-) when u leave a comment please leave thumbs up for everybody thank u

degradoid 4 Probe QuestsCoin SaverQuests HunterHero Honor 12 Feb 2015    
    ( 3 )
Sorry, guys, bag of gold still can not buy on
Just don't sell when you got in from one chest in tower.

degradoid 4 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 11 Feb 2015    
    ( 7 )
There is a simple way to solve problem of two glitchy quests:
1. Open or google "Path of Honor: Chapter 1" to find other working instance of this flash game. I assume, newgrounds link is still running.
2. Start new game on site from step 1 and save your game with "V" button.
3. You will need advanced file manager like Total Commander. Open it search for "ffg_poh1.sol" in your "Users" folder ("Documents and Settings" in Windows XP). You will find at least two results, one contains "" string in his full path, second - contains some other site.
4. Overwrite "ffg_poh1.sol" from first folder (with "" in full path) to second folder, confirm overwriting.
5. Refresh page with flash game from step 1, load your common game. Now you can buy golden bag and meet son of sultan in cave. Do it and save your game with "V" button.
6. Overwrite "ffg_poh1.sol" from second folder to first folder (with "" in full path), confirm overwriting.
7. Refresh this page, load your common game, your glitched quests must be solved already.

DjFoxy 4 26 Jan 2015    
    ( 3 )
im just here for achievements :P

Zabla 8 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 26 Jan 2015    
    ( 3 )
This game full of bugs!

@tremorgames : Too much buggy games... Please, work on the case! :)

@matakukos : Bugs fixed? Maybe, but not for me. :/
Sorry man, but this is not a full game. It is an unfinished game...

Im at LVL100, and nothing... Wasting my time? I dunno.

This is a potential good game, but unbalanced skills, skill points, weapons, bugs and etc...

I am so sorry for this game. But really. :(

DragonVally 10 22 Jan 2015    
    ( 2 )
Please Thumb up :)
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