Path of Honor Chapter 1
Path of Honor Chapter 1
Prepare for a new game that will make you play for hours and hours… in this new ARPG game you will have to fight a lot of monsters…complete quests..and help the people… the battles are in real time and you can buy weapons from a HUGE arsenal… from bows to automatic guns, shotguns, plasma weapons…etc
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matakukos 1 (Developer) 06 Nov 2012    
    ( 51 )
Ok buddies, bugs fixed =) I hope that you enjoy the game!

BuzzWhipple 10 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 04 Nov 2012    
    ( 32 )
achievements or not, i quit this one. i'm not going to waste my time playing a buggy game.

Tremor, you know we like your site and I, obviously, go for achievements, but i'm drawing a line here.
Yes, the achievement games keep us coming back, and thats good for your bottom line, but if you are going to give us inferior quality games, we will go elsewhere.
Please, don't give us this quality. We expect more from you.

wxenomorph 9 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 03 Nov 2012    
    ( 27 )
Jus t beat the game. Only 23 quests done. 1 i missed totally, i have no clue where it can be. 1 needs special shop (as i sold the item found before), but it does not works, you cannot buy there. The last is...dunno: i cannot find the sultan's son in the catacombs. I can see a guy in the wall (!!!) at the end of the catacombs but i cannot reach him. Last reset stairs not works.
Pls fix these things!

Dyzzle 6 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 02 Nov 2012    
    ( 18 )
Like the other comments have said, You can't buy items from the special shops, and the Ending stairs are bugged and don't work. These problems were fixed in later versions of the game, so why on Earth would the buggy version get released here? O.o

s0me_111 6 21 Jul 2013    
    ( 13 )
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rngmaster 9 Probe Quests 15 Dec 2017    
    ( 0 )
I cant find zombie chickens in the quest says 1 left i dont even know how i kill 4
why no one else has this problem -.-

hellreaper 6 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 27 Sep 2017    
    ( 0 )
I am not sure, but I think I had a golden bag and I sold it, now I need one and I can't buy it on the "special" zone.

Hasakon09 2 19 Mar 2017    
    ( 0 )
give me

o0Cyrax0o 8 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 23 Feb 2017    
    ( 0 )
as well as other people can not buy in a special shop, 2 persons in the walls. pls fix it

huppergamerkung_org 3 18 Feb 2017    
    ( 0 )
this game is amazing

DLK13 1 Probe Quests 16 Feb 2017    
    ( 0 )
matakukos, a bug: not able to buy specials from shops

metaltremor 8 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 09 Feb 2017    
    ( 1 )
Cool game, shame only 24 achievements possible because of the Sultan's son is bugged in the wall and the 26th is nowhere to be found.

Ritacatita 6 23 Dec 2016    
    ( 1 )
No fun :(

thelocal69 1 25 Nov 2016    
    ( 0 )
Nice game

ErysLenneth 7 Probe QuestsCoin SaverQuests HunterHero Honor 21 Sep 2016    
    ( 0 )
(I'll continue here since I ran out of space)
6. For skills, I noticed that those buffs only work one at a time, unless their icons are overlapping and actually more than one buff is active, but I can't tell, so to be safe, just pump up one time the one you like the most. Give the rest of points to Heal and Greed. You'll notice how at the end of a battle it says you received a certain amount of gold; this number is glitched once you level up Greed; in the log at the bottom it'll say what you actually received, and it will be more.
7. And here's a checklist for all the 26 quests, as they appear in-game. If you missed any of these, after the final battle there will be a teleport that will take you straight to the first town, in the World Map.
[] Overload
[] Poverty (Bring 3 mushrooms to Tony)
[] Training (Kill 2 Slugs)
[] The Passage (Talk to the boss of the clan (...))
[] The Clan (Talk with Jacob (...))
[] The Manual (Give Albert a Rookie Manual)
[] The Bridge (Ask Chief Anders for (...))
[] Training (Talk with the Clan's contact in Jefren (...))
[] Bullfighting (Kill 5 Small Bulls)
[] Halloween Night (Kill 100 Zombies)
[] Gardening (Locate 5 Roots for Mike)
[] Bad News (Tell the Morrisons that their son (...))
[] Power to the People (Find the King of Jefren (...))
[] The Tower (Ask for the Queen's permission (...))
[] Warm Help (Search for the Sultan Muhammed V in the desert (...))
[] War (Show a Monster Skull to the Guard Frank (...))
[] Motivation (Kill 25 Mummies (...))
[] KFzC (Kill 5 Zombie Chickens (...))
[] Lost Brother... (Search the kid of the Morrison)
[] Rebellion (Find the Sultan's son in the Catacombs of the Castle (...))
[] Gifting (Give the Sultan's wife a Gold Bag)
[] Justice (Kill 5 Thieves)
[] Final Fight (Explore the Catacombs to find the exit, then search for (...))
[] Marriage (Find Sonya in the Catacombs)
[] Shopping (Find a Energy Drink for Tommy)
[] Snots..Puagh (Kill 10 Zombie Snots)

ErysLenneth 7 Probe QuestsCoin SaverQuests HunterHero Honor 21 Sep 2016    
    ( 1 )
Some tips so hopefully this game will be a little easier...
1. If you're using Firefox, close it now and use Chrome instead. This game's got some serious performance issues in Firefox; it lags like hell during battles. Chrome doesn't. Dunno about the other browsers.
2. Start the game, create a character, and save. Now go to your Users folder and search for a file named ffg_poh1.sol (the end of the path should be ...www.tremorgames.comgamesfilespoh1M.swf). Remember where this file is and make a backup of it, because if you clear your browser cache, this file which happens to be your save file _will be gone_.
3. Don't sell the gold bag when you find it. You'll miss a quest if you do as it seems it can't be bought. Actually, don't sell anything, it's easier that it seems to get gold from battles.
4.1. About the Sultan's son quest, as someone else said, since this one is bugged you'll need to accept that quest in the Newgrounds site (google it), their version of this game works well there.
4.2. Save your game while you're still using the Tremorgames version, in the catacombs of the castle (there's a save point right below a NPC called Jack, by 3 squares).
4.3. Go to Newgrounds, create a new character, and repeat the same you did in step 2, except this time search for the path ending in ...uploads.ungrounded.net558000558691_poh1M.swf in your Users folder. Notice how the path changes name from tremorgames to ungrounded.
4.4. There will be a file called the same, ffg_poh1.sol, just replace it with the one from Tremorgames and refresh the site.
4.5. Load your file and the Sultan's son will appear right beside you. Accept his quest and save again.
4.6. You're done in Newgrounds, take the save from the ungrounded folder, and put it in the tremorgames one. The quest should appear in your log now. Continue the game as usual.
5. For the NPC asking you for a monster skull, simply buy one from the nearby store, in the town.

dark92man 9 10 Sep 2016    
    ( 0 )
thumbs up ill do the same :3.

Anfin 10 09 Aug 2016    
    ( 0 )
First time I fought the puma, I almost died of laughter...

Madman4782 6 Probe QuestsCoin SaverHero Honor 04 Aug 2016    
    ( 0 )
No puedes comprar la bolsa de oro en la tienda que al principio del juego te indica que est disponible y a partir de hay no puedes hacer ms misiones, ya que me recorr todas las zonas del juego y no encontr ms

Tremordogg 2 Probe QuestsCoin Saver 24 Jul 2016    
    ( 1 )
Such good music. Where does it come from? Who composes them? Someone please tell me :)

killermed 2 05 Jul 2016    
    ( 0 )

aymen66 2 Coin Saver 20 May 2016    
    ( -1 )
i cant save the game

niemandisthier 7 02 May 2016    
    ( 1 )
Unplayable -_-

Aramil 5 Probe Quests 26 Apr 2016    
    ( 4 )
Don't sell the gold bag found in the chest, you need one for a quest and the bonus shop is still bugged

Terry 9 Probe QuestsCoin SaverQuests HunterHero Honor 05 Mar 2016    
    ( -1 )
que juegaso y en espaol gracias por este juego matakukos lo unico malo son los bugs me costo sacar el tercer logro
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