Carveola Incident
Carveola Incident
Defend the trench, hold the line!
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VIPER 8 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 16 Jan 2013    
    ( 230 )
-chivo's can give you a wrong text banner when hovered upon in-game
-at some point in survivor it just ended and wrote victory, level 14 completed???? Stander chivo not awarded
-challenger chivo stays as locked after completion, but you DO get it
Damn bugged games. And the same bugs in the sequel...

Since I wrote a guide for the sequel, I'm writing it here as well.
I am writing this one while playing instead of after.

-headshots, headshots, headshots
-if you have problems with headshots, just position the crosshair on the path of the zombie and wait until his head is in the right place
-the zombies can be quite fast so pick the closest ones first (radar is your friend)
-nothing but Germans
-artillery should be positioned in front to allow delay before start of baragge; best for groups or those who walk close (use darkened area for reference where to hit)

(Legend for positioning - GI - German Infantry, MG-American MG; GG-German Mg; L1, L2 and so on for position of soldier looking from left side)
(By following this guide, do not expect a challenge. If you want one, use less soldiers for example.)
(If you find my positioning too challenging for you, add a space every 3 or 4 soldiers; I put them like this so I have to play actively (although still not that much since like this it is very easy); but don't spread them thin because zombies might get through and you'll have to watch the whole map instead of half)

POSITIONING SOLDIERS - They just finished a war, give them a break this time and do the first level alone (+ you'll get 2 achievements instantly, 20 headshots and less than 3 misses in a level, giving you a early money boost)
LEVEL 1 - headshots, no airtillery needed but feel free to use it if you want
SHOP - sell American infantry, buy 4 German infantry, buy Lee-Enfield Mk III
LEVEL 2 - same
SHOP - buy Springfield M1903
LEVEL 3 - same
SHOP - buy Stokes Mortar
LEVEL 4 - same
SHOP - 2x German Infantry
LEVEL 5 - same
SHOP - sell American MG; buy German Mg; buy M1918 155 Cannon
LEVEL 6 - same
SHOP - buy 1xGerman Infantry; buy Canon de 75 modele
LEVEL 7 - some will deffinitely need to start using artillery here if they haven't yet
SHOP - buy German Infantry; buy Skoda 30.5 Howitzer
LEVEL 8 - same as before
SHOP - buy German Infantry; buy Mauser Gew.98
LEVEL 9 - for those with problems, artillery will come in handy
SHOP - lets give our wallet a break (if you are finding surviving difficult, you can buy a GI and a GG that I say after L10, now)
LEVEL 10 - I still don't need artillery, but some will surely need it plenty; by now you should be skilled enough not to miss a headshot anymore (which is a very good idea, since some require 2 or 3 to fall)
SHOP - buy German Infantry (if not bought before L10); buy German Mg (if not bought before L10); buy Mark I Howitzer and make a DOOMguy smile (
LEVEL 11 - a wider positioning might be good for some from now on if you find a good challenge in the game, so you don't get overwhelmed, otherwise artillery FTW
SHOP - I don't need anything, but, lets buy one German Infantry
POSITIONING SOLDIERS - GI-L1-L2-L3-L4-L6-L7-L8-L9-L11-L12-L13; GG-L5-L10
LEVEL 12 - such tight positioning only if you can easily play the game; artillery should come in handy
SHOP - buy 3xGI; buy 1xGG
POSITIONING SOLDIERS - so many soldiers, just position them from L1 on and put a GG every 3 or 4 GI's; with a few spaces in between you can take a nap in the next level; if you want to play use less soldiers (I'll use 9xGI and 3xGG)
LEVEL 13 - if you need tips with so many soldiers and artillery, you might consider playing something else :)
SHOP - do we need more???
POSITIONING SOLDIERS - I used all with GG every 3 GI's
LEVEL 14 - fatZombies are quite tough, kill them first
SHOP - if you want buy Thompson, I'll give it a shot ;)
LEVEL 15 - too easy? :D; damn it, I forgot about 35 headshots in 1 level chivo

(order=a would be soldier leftmost, b second from left,...)
(you will probably lose soldiers, don't think of that, just survive, unless you seek perfection)
(you will probably lose health, don't think of it, unless you seek perfection)
(every soldier by himself and 1 space between all; I will write if different)
C1 - start on L1 in baba order; easy
C2 - start on L2 in baba order; use artillery on most crowded areas, quickly kill the closest
C3 - start on L2 in ccbba order; quite easy
C4 - start on L2 in ccdbba order; moderate, just quickly kill the ones that got to the trench
C5 - start on L2 in bddacadc order; easy
C6 - start on L2 in acb order; easy, moderate, hard, depends how quick you are, just jump around killing closest first and use artillery on groups

You ought to have a lot of money after completing Campaign and Challenges. Buy GI's and few GG's, some artillery, better weaponry. If you can't just play, and money earned will cary over.

dino07 3 Head StrikeLast Man Standing 04 Oct 2015    
    ( 116 )

Anderson343 4 Head StrikeLast Man Standing 19 Apr 2015    
    ( 68 )
muito legal o gamer

DiegoB 5 Head StrikeLast Man Standing 18 Aug 2014    
    ( 58 )
Hard but nice game

katayhan 7 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 27 Jan 2013    
    ( 47 )

I killed 737 zombies in survival mode (most of them headshots) but i didnt get my achivemenets ! You guys please check my log and confirm achievements. So I can get coins :) Thank you
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sadkingface87 10 03 Apr 2018    
    ( 0 )
thumbs up please!

Hagrid123456789 2 Head Strike 18 Sep 2017    
    ( 0 )

Elonyson 5 21 Aug 2017    
    ( 1 )
Cool game

kasparas659 1 13 Aug 2017    
    ( 1 )
In this game are one problem a bug whit headshoots but game is nice.

Hacu1234 5 Head StrikeLast Man Standing 09 Jun 2017    
    ( 1 )
A game that brings back memories!

MinatoGamer00 4 25 May 2017    
    ( -1 )

shardul1 8 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 26 Apr 2017    
    ( -1 )
3 achievements Are Bugged, I got 1000+ kills and 100 + headshots in survival mode, Still (Stander and Headcollector) Ingame achievements are Locked!! , I have done all achievements ,Still I didnt get
Achievement : Hawk Shooter
(15 points and 15 coin(s))
Please Help ( @tremorgames)
Guys I need friends :),send me friend request!

MADNESSZOMBIE5 1 15 Apr 2017    
    ( -1 )
do you get tremor coines for thes games

Ultragamer324 5 Head StrikeLast Man Standing 12 Mar 2017    
    ( -1 )
How to win EASY:
Buy the Mauser Gew after the first round. Then stock up on american mgs.

lazyloco 1 24 Feb 2017    
    ( -1 )
nice game

CosmicDust777 7 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 29 Jan 2017    
    ( 0 )
These awards are so broken. I had over 700 kills in survival. I completed all the challenges. I made more than 35 head shots for sure. I must have gotten 10 artillery kills but Im not certain. I didn't get the awards.

gt4modsbr 3 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 13 Jan 2017    
    ( 0 )
I killed more than 822 zombies in a survival and did not win the achievements.

lolfire3000 3 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerHawk ShooterLast Man Standing 29 Dec 2016    
    ( 0 )
Thumbs up for getting all achievements please :)

justgivenuke 2 Zombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 25 Dec 2016    
    ( 0 )
cool game^^ (y)

Jackelon 5 12 Dec 2016    
    ( 0 )
cool game.... thumbs up if u agree :D

RoundedColt8 2 16 Nov 2016    
    ( -2 )
Please thumbs this up, thank you!

Cebolix 6 24 Oct 2016    
    ( -2 )
thumbs up, please.
like please.
da um gostei ai e ajude.

Luan758 5 19 Oct 2016    
    ( -2 )

FoodIsLyfe 2 09 Oct 2016    
    ( 0 )
Fun game to get achievements. Pretty easy too.

NinjaScootaloo 9 Head StrikeZombie ChallengerLast Man Standing 28 Sep 2016    
    ( 1 )
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