Carveola Incident : 2118 A.D.
Carveola Incident : 2118 A.D.
200 hundred years in the future, on a distant planet, the military once again is forced to fight against experiments from the mysterious Organization.
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VIPER 8 Survive ThisRedlineCarveola Shooter 08 Jan 2013    
    ( 144 )
These orbital chivos are rigged. Too few enemies in campaign, and it doesn't register in survival, while challenges you just try to survive. Plus the 6 chall complete keeps dissapearing (so you might do it again after you complete orbital chivos if you complete them at all)

Otherwise, few tips for those who have problems with this one, even though you shouldn't:
-since you have problems, play in order, campaign, challenges, survival

-DO NOT BUY, first two (weekest/cheapest) turrets, railgun, grenade launcher, middle defensive wall
-kill the flyer AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT to maximize kills and cash earned (that is when you get a warning of defeat), but wound it a bit before that (half of weaker 2 machine guns clips or 1/3rd of strongest)
-position turrets ON ONE SIDE ONLY (left for me) so you only worry of one side; early levels start from 2nd position on the side and position 2 together space 2 together, when you have plenty turrets all the way from the start with 3 together and later full wall of turrets with no spaces
-DO NOT use airstrike on flyer
-1st level walkthrough: stronger tower on 2nd position from left, weaker on 4th from left; do not use air strike in first mission because you get a lot less cash; kill everything that moves and you should end up with around 900 cash (with included achievement for no damage to wall)
-buying after level 1: buy the second machine gun (and L3 turret if you want)
-2nd level walkthrough: strongest turret 2nd from left, next 4th from left, if you have 3, 3rd turret 5th from left; now use airstrikes as well
-buying after level 2: L2 airstrike and L4 tower (I think you should have enough (talking from memory) or just L4 turret if you don't have enough
*for next few levels L4 turrets only, don't buy L5 or L6 (and no L3, L2 and L1 at all; sell L1 tower after level 4 for example)
*BUT, don't spend all on them, load up with all airstrikes as well
*next thing is the 3rd machine gun (2500cash) SAVE FOR IT!
*and the last (unimportant) when you are loaded like Rambo, get L3 wall
*turret positiong as stated before, strongest point on the edge so you can forget about it and the positiong should always be (# all your turrets, s space, T turret) 2-sTsT, 3-sTTsT, 4-sTTsTT, 5-sTTsTTsT, 6-sTTsTTsTT, 7sTTTsTTsTT, 8-sTTTsTTsTsTT, 9-sTTTsTTsTTsTT, 10-sTTTsTTTsTTsTT,...from 11 on you can also start doing a wall of Ts like TTTTTTTTTTT; Trust me, nothing will get past these L4-L6 towers (yeah, you can sell L3s as well)...ALSO don't just put them like L6L6L6L6L5L5L5L4L4L4L4, mix them (earlier levels too) but keep it stronger further away from you you go

-forget about the above
-all are easy you just don't see it
-tower positioning is similar, BUT, with such limit there should always be space (sTsT or sTsTsT looking from left of the screen) starting with the strongest and go down to the weakest
-KILL!!! before you can start shooting the flyer don't let them touch you
-AIRSTRIKE AS WELL!!! the toughest aliens first
-when you can start shotting the flyer kill it as soon as possible, because it just gets tougher from then on; clear some, use airstrikes and SHOOT IT DOWN

-you probably wont get far on first attempt, who cares, money gets carried through
-so, at some point BUY on start, L3 machine gun, all airstrikes and mostly L4 turrets (13 turrets in all, no need for more, unless you want to watch only) and L3 wall if you want to be sure; position turrets from second space from left on (sTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT all without spaces; you can then forget about that part of the screen; you cannot lose now, just let them win when you get bored
-you'll get chivo in 2nd-3rd atempt max, long time before you can buy all above

helloman2222 2 04 Jan 2013    
    ( 85 )
cool game but we all want likes ? like my status i try to like all the others grrztz

kevinbenfica12 2 05 Apr 2015    
    ( 51 )
Thumbs up pls

kevinbenfica12 2 06 Apr 2015    
    ( 51 )

Spyy1 7 03 Jan 2013    
    ( 42 )
interesting game!
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naoseiqnomecoloca 3 21 Apr 2018    
    ( 0 )
Thumbs up

BERELVIS 8 10 Apr 2018    
    ( 0 )
+++ thumbs up for all +++

lostboyinalostworld 8 Carveola Shooter 09 Dec 2017    
    ( 3 )
fun game. thumbs up? i swear i thumbs up literally like everyone

Boonaenuh 7 06 Dec 2017    
    ( 0 )
What is a "Granade?"

assainofreapers 2 15 Nov 2017    
    ( 1 )
I liked the first better

Pinacho 8 Survive This 14 Oct 2017    
    ( 1 )

JTWizard 5 01 Jul 2017    
    ( 1 )
Is this game hard or me a noob? ;D

samuelthyagolima 3 31 Mar 2017    
    ( 2 )
Polegares acima para realizações! Vou fazer o mesmo por você

ElEnmaAMS 4 16 Mar 2017    
    ( 0 )
¿Sr. Freeman? :L

chicostillo 4 04 Mar 2017    
    ( -3 )
Guess what? I found a site that's giving Minecraft gift codes away for free!

enortos21 6 18 Jan 2017    
    ( 1 )
i love how the reloading animation is so lazy

Demon_619 5 05 Dec 2016    
    ( 2 )
This game is broking my fingers. GG my mouse

RAZER1000 5 26 Sep 2016    
    ( 1 )
Nice game :D THUMBS UP Pls.

alela 5 16 Sep 2016    
    ( 1 )
great game! thumbs up gentlemen!

dark92man 9 10 Sep 2016    
    ( 1 )
thumbs up il do the same

Palmacz 9 02 Sep 2016    
    ( 2 )

ZomBie16363 4 20 Aug 2016    
    ( -5 )

Demon_X2000 6 26 Jul 2016    
    ( -2 )
I really like this game mane!

lipstein 7 Survive ThisRedlineCarveola Shooter 12 Jul 2016    
    ( -4 )
Kill them all!

lalo100 6 12 Jun 2016    
    ( 1 )
Thumbs up for achievements pls. I will thank you. (????)?
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