the Engineer
the Engineer
In a post-apocalyptic world, Zach Scrapp the Engineer must fend off legions of robots!
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You are Playing: the Engineer       Developer : Elvidian
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Top Comments

a06220 5 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 31 May 2016    
    ( 990 )
This game is better than many TD games out there.

Serious_Hero 5 06 Jul 2013    
    ( 427 )
Build more Roket Turret and Machine Gun Turret. Thumbs up so everyone can see

Skreytor 8 EngineerScrap DiggerRavaged 06 Jul 2013    
    ( 308 )
Good game, i've had lot of fun playing it, scenes are awesome :D
For those who have some difficulties:
- Machine Gun turrets and Rockets Laucnher turrets are very powerfull, focus on them.
- Upgrade your turrets before building many.
- The Healing turret is also very important in order to resist longer, try to construct one quickly.
- I did the first 7 levels without many towers, just hacking quickly the more outpost i could, and then building a defense when there was too many ennemies.
- For the last levels, don't forget the armory ! (upgrade your armor first, then you could pick scrap easier)
- For the 8th level, build a defense at one of the upper outpost, and upgrade yourself at the armory. When you have a solid defense and good armor, take many scrap, you'll need it to build another defense at the other upper outpost. When you're ready, run to the middle, block the way behind you (so the robots have to go around), and then build a solid defense at the new outpost, like before.
For the 2 remaining outpost, i ran quickly to them, blocked the way behind me and built a maxed healing turret near the outpost.

Well, hope that helped you, maybe there is something better, but that worked for me.
Good luck :)
(sorry if there are english mistakes, i'm french)

krydda 5 06 Jul 2013    
    ( 283 )
My favorite character in TF2 :D

Japolino 6 EngineerScrap DiggerRavaged 03 Oct 2015    
    ( 263 )
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shijiree107 2 30 Mar 2018    
    ( 0 )

alialhajaya 3 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 31 Jan 2018    
    ( 0 )
good game

TheMammalizer 3 23 Jan 2018    
    ( 0 )
Where is heavy weapons guy

raiki 6 EngineerScrap DiggerRavaged 16 Jan 2018    
    ( 0 )
Wow, hard game. :(

Robogob 4 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 10 Jan 2018    
    ( 0 )

UR_MOM 4 Scrap DiggerRavaged 06 Jan 2018    
    ( 0 )
Actually better than most TD games. It has such an easy concept and they did such a well job for every turret.

Note : thy have to nerf the rocket turret and the mini gun turret and make the armory cheaper other than that its good

xereckson 7 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 05 Jan 2018    
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SrRenatoPvP 3 Scrap DiggerRavaged 30 Dec 2017    
    ( 0 )
Hint: Build Healing Turret and Turret Armour Upgrade the Healing Heals you and the Armour Make you more Stronger (You Make More Damage and is more difficult to kill you) the Torret Armour Upgrade give you Weapons too, i Recommend the Minigun in Lv 3

iselisemor534 9 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 04 Dec 2017    
    ( 0 )
Great game, nice cutscenes.

Cebolix 6 EngineerScrap DiggerMechanical Hero 14 Nov 2017    
    ( -2 )
thumbs up, please.
like please.
da um gostei ai e ajude.

Arfuos 3 EngineerScrap DiggerRavagedMechanical Hero 17 Oct 2017    
    ( 1 )
The game is fairly easy if you just do every level this way.
1. Collect all the scrap heaps around the map (do not hack any of the objectives)
2. Create an armory.
3. Buy yourself the first level of rocket launcher in armory (depending on how much scrap you have you might want to max it)
4. Stand beside the objective while hacking and just keep constantly firing the rockets in the general direction of the enemy, the heat seaking missiles will more than likely hit them and they'll barely even get close.
5. If you're taking excessive damage build a healing station right beside the objective, a basic healing station should be enough for lvl 1-6. At higher levels try using either lvl 2 or 3 healing stations.

6. Boss: For the final boss I personally did this strategy. I created a healing station in the top right of the map and the bottom left. I ran clockwise across the level, all the while shooting the enemies behind me and also shooting the boss. I created some walls of lvl 1 gun turrets to narrow the path that the enemies could take giving me more time to regenerate hp.

During step 3 you might also want to armor if the enemies do a lot of damage.

PaintLungs 2 Scrap Digger 13 Oct 2017    
    ( -2 )
Badly optimized, no spawn limits...

Arfuos 3 Scrap DiggerRavaged 08 Oct 2017    
    ( 1 )
pretty interesting type of TD

DoctorWhat 4 Scrap Digger 19 Sep 2017    
    ( 2 )
Anyone have a walkthrough of this game?
its fun, but tough

dpamecha8 5 08 Sep 2017    
    ( 1 )
Good game But lags a lot.
Also Thumbs Up Everyone.

Jackelon 5 EngineerScrap Digger 25 Aug 2017    
    ( -1 )
soo lag ... i wished i can lower the graphics a bit ... sorry ... im using a wooden pc :( 1 like = 1 prayer for me to get 1 GTX1080ti :D

thebraindash 4 EngineerScrap DiggerRavaged 03 Aug 2017    
    ( 0 )
how to do 9 level?

Richelle 4 28 Jul 2017    
    ( -2 )
TF2 anyone? :)

vojtisek123 2 Scrap Digger 25 Jul 2017    
    ( -2 )
guys this is nice game and very low lags

tibia143 4 Scrap Digger 24 Jul 2017    
    ( 0 )
aquele momento que eu sou o coldzera nesse joguinho (quem joga cs vai entender)
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