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lordloss 22 Aug 2015   
how can i get lot coin ?please answer my Q
Re: Zombonarium - Posted on April 23, 2015, 4:44 am    (4)

tremor, thank for the new game, hope for more new achievement game

(hmm...why was someone copy my comment and still get thumbs up...?
Because you can see his comment that "how to complete ingame achievement" is 100% as same as mine, that means he DEFINITELY stole it from me. )

Re: Zombonarium - Posted on April 22, 2015, 6:56 am    (571)

Achievements in games:
This is How We Do(complete all 9 achievements)
1.complete the level without touching the bones:watch carefully when you launch
2.spend less than 1.5 seconds: (level 8)launch to the nearest green ball and launch to the cage
3.spend 2 clicks and collect all the bones: (level 13)jump to the green's top(which is at the gear wheel),after you collect the key,jump to the cage(and get the last bone)
4.spend less than 9 seconds and collect all the bones: (level 15)don't wake the bat until you collect all the bones,and try your best to finish at 9 seconds
5.spend less than 3 seconds: (level 19)launch to get the key with the higher click,and jump to the cage quickly
6.spend less than 2 seconds: (level 23)push the wood and jump back to where you spawn, after the fire wood fall down(have to wait about 1 second after you push the wood),jump to the cage
7 wake the bat: (level 5)push the box to the right
8.being caught bat: (level 30)don't stay at safe zone after waking the bat,and wait for it to catch you
9.beat the game: reach level 30
thumbs up please

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