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Gokuiscool 23 Jun 2017   
i want some coins :(

Yukii356 21 Jun 2017   

AlienatedRedSauce 16 Jun 2017   
How's hacking for you? Over 4 Billion Coins in 2 months.

PezozCZ 10 Jun 2017   
LOL what obvious hacker is that!?

LivestreamTechpower 06 Jun 2017   
Change My mind after seeing This, 4294967295 coins Now 1172, Derp What happened to The Other 4,294,966,123. Jeezzzzzzz If you used it for getting money, and you hacked the Website That is illegal

LivestreamTechpower 06 Jun 2017   
Damn, you still got that many coins Dude Sharing is caring, Give us some coins cause your points is just Pathetic like we are struggling to get that far with coins. And your Only Level 1 So That Shows us your hacking, but if you share the Community won't ban you, But Plz share or get banned by The Admins

bikesh57 06 Jun 2017   
hey u hacker dont hack or this site will be close by you. u idiot. Cant you just earn the coins.

bikesh57 06 Jun 2017   
how he earn the coins so much wihtout playing games and he is just 1 level.

scream232 06 Jun 2017   
this guy just hack coins and withdraw for bitcoins.

Warrak115 04 Jun 2017   
-1172 coins :good job:
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