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bobanbajkovic 11 Dec 2016 Best place to go for Cheapest Games, Gold and others. Recommended by PewDiePie,KSI.   Also you can earn money and buy games without cards.

freaky_funny 17 Oct 2016   
Re: Potato Rebellion - Posted on March 31, 2014, 6:48 am    (4)

Nice game, but i need a new mouse. :-)

A little tip:
If you make a right-click in the game the context-menu of the adobe flash player appears. After that you can click back in the game on an enemy or two, because there is a little pause ( 1 second ) until the game continues.

Re: Revive the Monster - Posted on September 25, 2013, 6:03 am    (3)

@Nudelsieb: i think from 00:01 - 11:59 its "before" afternoon and from 12:01 - 23:59 its "after" afternoon

Re: Revive the Monster - Posted on September 25, 2013, 5:05 am    (632)

Finally got it! :-)

Some hints:

level 02: jump in a high curve to the first gap and try to reach the lower right purple
level 04: just remove the two blocks close to your position
level 07: jump to the top and then to the left (out of the scene :-))
level 12: first click on the point in this picture ( ), then quickly click on the ball of wool
level 13: don't be in such a hurry, the "treadmill" goes round and round and you have enough time
level 14: unfortunately the only hint is, that you have to be very quick
level 17: wait until the wodden block comes from right to left, then jump to the top and quickly remove the "invisible" block to your left which hold the spikes
level 22: jump a little bit to the right, release the box and while falling quickly jump to the left (out of the box)
level 23: before afternoon means collect the stars before 12 o'clock at noon
level 27: take the part from this picture ( ); different colors mean different clicks
level 29: after afternoon means collect the stars after 12 o'clock at noon

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